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DAT Bootcamp is the the #1 study tool to ace the DAT. DAT Bootcamp had everything you need to ace the DAT in one place and is used by over 90% of pre-dental students to prepare for the DAT.

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“DAT Bootcamp was about as close to the real DAT as you can get – in both difficulty and content tested.”
Alex – AA 22 (95.7%), DAT Bootcamp Customer
“I did the practice tests for gen chem, ochem, math, and bio, and the scores I got were almost identical to my scores on the real thing, within 1 point on 3/4 sections!!!”
HunterX2 – AA 25, DAT Bootcamp Customer
“I think DAT Bootcamp’s chem section was by far the most representative of the real exam. The topics tested are very similar, and I think the wording is more similar to the ADA style. I’d definitely take those practice tests before walking into the exam.”
IsaacYankem – AA 22, DAT Bootcamp Customer